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December 31st, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

2012 was definitely an interesting year for me!

I spent most of the January through May writing and finishing up my novel Carousel. The novel itself is a bit formulaic and turned out kind of childish but it was mostly a way to work through some personal emotions and for that it worked really well so I consider it a success! It turned out being 75K, my longest novel yet, and it was fun to experiment with fantasy and young adult elements.

We also went to the Space Center a number of times in 2012! Once in January with Eric's aunt and cousin, then again in February with my sister and our friends, again in May with a bunch of our friends, and in June again for Eric's cousin's birthday! I love the Space Center and I'm so sad to hear that it's out of commission for a while but I can't wait for it to get back up and running.

In addition to real life games, I played a fair amount of video games this year and loved 'em all. I was first introduced to Minecraft in February and I reactivated my WoW account in December to play pandas with Eric. :) We've been having video game fun ever since NaNo ended and I hope to continue playing some even as I get back to writing now that my month of non-writing is over.

Eric also graduated this year and I can't be more proud of him! :) He walked in April and received his Bachelor's Degree in Geology but he's still at BYU working on his Master's now. Still, a Bachelor's Degree is a huge deal and he's amazing. :) In addition to graduating, working on his Master's, and being a teacher's assistant, Eric has also gone on a lot of trips this year. He went with his department to Hawaii (jealous!), Cedar City (could be more jealous), and China (double jealous!) but I survived those weeks alone and he's chosen something closer to home for his thesis so hopefully he won't be leaving again anytime soon!

One of the best parts of 2012: I (finally) lost quite a bit of weight! I was very focused on going to the gym at first but my gym buddy stopped going and when working out wasn't really helping me lose weight, I eventually stopped going, too. :P But in September I suddenly started picking up my calorie counting habits again and set myself up with a strict diet and exercise routine. It's been very hard but I've managed to lose 16lbs in 3 1/2 months. :) I'm very happy with my progress- that's almost half of my goal weight lost in just 3 1/2 months! I'm sticking with this plan and I hope to lose even more in the next few months!

Story ideas have been flying at me with no abandon all this year. I can't believe that I used to think I didn't have any ideas. If any of you reading this think that, please let me know so I can prove you wrong. If I can have ideas, everyone can! The most intriguing ideas this year have been possibilities for remaking Fire Cougar (the first novel I ever wrote) and an entire world and plots of a whole trilogy. Wow, I never thought I could write a trilogy and here I am, doing it!

Speaking of which, I participated in and won NaNoWriMo for 2012, making it my fifth win in a row. I was busy all November with chores, traveling, and family visits, but I still managed to make it to 50K with a pretty decent story entitled Tainted Love. (Yes, I can hear you all singing to it now!) I'm really liking this novel, the first in my trilogy Crossfire. Of course, it's not done even at 50K because I can't seem to write anything that could be considered 'short' in any sense of the term, but I'll be finishing it in these next few months. :) Then I can submit it to my writer's group, Beyond the Pen, and get some feedback!

I haven't updated since June so here's a few more things that have happened this year:

In July, Eric and I took another rather impromptu trip down to Arizona to attend the funeral of his other grandmother. Sad, sad news but it was a good trip and we got to see some of Eric's family so that was nice. <3 Phoenix is HOT in July, though, geez!

Eric's birthday was also really fun. He got some video games, some books, and I tried to make him a cake with Pinkie Pie on it but it sort of fell apart. XP He liked it anyway, though! I took him out to dinner and we also had a nice lasagna dinner with his family, too.

Our Halloween started off scarily but it turned out good, luckily for us! I made a pretty good Nyan cat costume and Eric went as a Star Trek captain. We met up with Natalie and Trent who had wicked amazing steampunk costumes and had the fastest dinner at Applebee's ever recorded then sped up to SLC but we missed our ride at first. :( We had scheduled a ghost tour of the city but we were too late and parking took too long. We were all pretty bummed so we decided to wait around for the next tour to see if we could possibly hitch a ride on that one and the guides were nice enough to let us! Our main guide was fantastically spooky and we went to a lot of cool places, including an old haunt of Ted Bundy's. Creeeepy. It was so fun actually DOING something for Halloween. <3

In November  in addition to doing NaNoWriMo, we went to California to visit my family for Thanksgiving! I got to see my grandmother and her husband, my mom, Sierra and her husband, and even Joshua. The trip was all very go-go-go, though, and every night Eric and I also had to write for NaNo so it was a pretty exhausting trip, unfortunately. But we discovered an awesome little diner, got to see Eric's fantastic aunt and cousin, drove all over pretty Cali, and had a nice time on the road with each other, too. <3

And in December, Eric was the best husband ever and suggested footing the bill for my mom to fly out so she could spend the holidays with us. It was so, so nice. We still have her with us, actually, for another week or so and it's been great. It's been nice to have some relaxing time with my mom and since Sierra and her family is visiting Utah, too, we've been able to hang with them as well!
Overall, it's been a pretty good year for me. I'm sad for those that have had it hard, though. :( I hope 2013 is better for all of us!

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