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Oy. -_-;

Okay. So I wrote an entry yesterday, but I couldn't connect to the 'net for some reason, so I saved it. o_o And here it is:

(February 5th, 2003 about 5:13pm)
I just got back from the dentist. >_> Appointment for the left side of my mouth. o_O Numb numb numb numb numb. I can't feel the left half of my mouth or tounge. ;_; And it was one of the worst times I've even had.

First of all, I'm scared of health care professionals. Doctors, dentists, phsyciotrists. All the pointy objects, the possibility of screwing up with one wrong move, all that. So, naturally, I was scared.

Second of all, I like to be in control. Of my future (thus the worry), of my financial needs (thus the saving ablities), and of my own body. When that dentist put me under Novicane I became more then scared. I was -terrified-. I mean, when he tells you to 'open' and you try and you try and you just -can't-... it's to creepy for me to bear. They gave us a TV to watch, with cable, but most of the time I spent with my eyes closed, listening through the headphones, trying to ignore the drilling and pressure I was feeling. Even though I was numb, I could feel the pressure and some of the pain. It was weird and creepy. And I couldn't say anything because they clamped my mouth open. ._.

So I got to thinking. Paranoidly. What if I became numb like this, only my whole body? There are lots of drugs nowadays that can do that... It would be pretty easy, actually.

Geez, there's some Akito insight, huh? After the way he freaked out after his arm want numb... Kinda that same, wouldn't ya say? ;) I guess he's more like me then I thought.

Oy. I'm going to lie down now, sip some Pepsi, and chew some popcorn slowly. -_-; w00t


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Feb. 6th, 2003 02:29 pm (UTC)
Eww! I HATE THE DENTIST! That's gotta' be really annoying. :P
*snug* Grrr. We can kill them all some day!
And, yeah... that's really aggravating to not be in control. I think I have a problem with that, too... like, just the idea of straight ja- ... *SHUDDER*

X_x; I just creeped myself out! Eww!
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